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Peach's stock kart drifted around the first corner of Donut Plains ending with a boost. She needed to perfect her times in order to place 1st in the Mario Kart Championship.

"Here we go!" she cheered using one of the 3 mushrooms she had on the straight-away. The kart zoomed over 23 mph (Mario Kart amirite?) as she drifted around another corner.

The royal, pink kart passed over the checkered line entering the second lap. Entering the second lap caused the hazards to activate on the course. Instead of the usual Monty moles spurting from the ground, Doughnuteers crawled from the holes and began tossing doughnuts all over the track and even at Peach's face.

She snaked left and right, constantly boosting with increasing speed. Making it ever more difficult to dodge the doughnuts.

Going at full speed using her second to last mushroom Peach saw a doughnut flying in her direction and tried everything she can to avoid it. Even with her increase caution she still managed to smack face first into the doughnut. Just like a mushroom the doughnut disappeared upon contact and just like that the effects took place. Her body slightly grew with fat just from being hit by one doughnut. She felt her body gain a small layer of fat as she was hit with another.

After being contacted by 7 doughnuts Peach's weight had put her in a higher weight class. The extra weight also slowed down the kart to a halt.

"Oh no." she whimpered while pressing on the gas pedal. The kart wouldn't budge. Looking around the number of doughnuteers increased, including some approaching Peach for her to be fed. Peach quickly attempted to exit the kart. Her bigger, rounder belly, wider hips and rear made it much harder for her to squeeze out.

As she made a run for the mushroom kingdom (or tried to) she felt her body jiggle with each and every stride she made. "Gotta....hurry" Peach thought rapidly running out of breath. She made a few more strides until she fell onto the ground. "I should really get out of the kart more often."

The doughnuteers saw this and began chucking their fattening treats at the Princess. In an endeavour to keep from growing, Peach attempted to dodge the doughnuts, except thåt her increased body fat made it much harder. She began to be hit with doughnuts left and right until she couldn't dodge anymore.

Tearing and ripping her apart her dress gave way for Peach's ever growing stomach. It rounded out onto her thickening thighs while her hips grew outwards. Peach tried to cover her mouth, but forgot that the doughnuts acted like mushrooms.

Peach had soon given up upon laying eyes on the Doughnuteers. "No wonder they do this. People never want to stick around to taste (absorb) their treats." The flavours enticed her taste buds as she continued to balloon to a bigger size. Her loves handles rested on her big hips as the doughtnuteers played with her belly. In embarrassment she felt her bra snap off and fall to the snipe. Peach covered her breasts as her face and double became red. She was now a 387 pound royal princess, who also needed to get home in time to rest up for the Mario Kart Championship.

"A little help boys?" she called. The doughtnuteers rounded together and carried off the Princess to the Mushroom Kingdom.

In the locker room before the race......

Peach quickly slipped herself into her racing uniform. "Today's the day" she thought. Pulling the zipper with extra muscle seeing that it got caught around her waist and belly, Peach became even more determined to win now that she qualified to be in a weight class all of her own.

There was a click clacking coming from the door and she heard two voices chatting. Who turned and stared at Peach.

Daisy and Rosalina approached Peach with the intent of examining her new figure. "So Peach I heard you had a good time in the doughnut plains" said Daisy clutching Peach's love handles, jiggling her belly slightly. Rosalina felt over Peach's massive breasts and felt over her hips, "Yeah, it's too bad you never got to improve your time." Peach blushed at the two royal princesses cuddling and playing with her fat, but soon gave into it as it began to feel relaxing.

"Well, c'mon chubby" Daisy teased again giving Peach's wide rear a slap. "Let's race!"

The End
Wow. This story's kinda short. Well I hope you guys enjoy.

Peach is owned by Nintendo
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